Did you know that not all reindeer can fly?  Only a special few were chosen by Santa to pull his sleigh. These 9 famous reindeer were fed Reindeer Magic from birth.

Because they ate this special formula of magic oats, these 9 deer are much stronger than the average reindeer, enabling them to fly for Santa’s big night.  They love the smell and taste of Reindeer Magic.

As I am sure you already know, the names of Santa’s elite team are:
Dasher (which means fast)
Dancer (which means skilled)
Prancer (which means he looks good when he runs)
Vixen (which means tricky or sneaky)
Comet ( which means I’m a star)
Cupid ( which means all the girls love him)
Donner (originally called Donder which means Thunder in German)
Blitzen (which means lightening in German)
And, of course, Rudolph (which means-Great Red Light-- not really---he’s just cute)

You are lucky enough to adopt a descendent of one of these original 9 reindeer.  After 3 months of flight training by Santa and his elves at the North Pole, these little guys are raring to get their grown up names and meet their new families.

Reindeer are fantastic creatures from the Arctic regions of the Earth. They have a bunch of really cool traits. They have large hooves that act like snowshoes, so even deep snow will not stop them. Their fur is two layers thick and waterproof so they never get cold.  Another very important trait is that they can run almost from the moment they are born! These little guys play reindeer games to see who can keep up with their famous grandfathers.  Regular reindeer can pull twice their weight on a sleigh and run for hours at a time.  However, after eating Santa’s special formula of Reindeer Magic, his elite can pull 100 times their weight and fly for 24 hours without stopping to rest.

When you adopt your cuddly baby reindeer, please be sure to name him or her as soon as possible.  It is a topic of great pride among the reindeer.  Also, be sure you do not eat the Reindeer Magic food.  This reindeer food is not for you, it might just make you sick it.  It only helps the reindeer of jolly old Saint Nick. (I know what you are thinking, maybe about giving it to your little brother or sister to test it. Just remember Santa knows.)

Keep checking for updates on what is happening with the reindeer at the North Pole. We do lots of cool stuff up here.   You can see for yourself at www.ReindeerMagic.com.