This book is dedicated to Ruth Thomas Cooley. She was kind to all, even when they didn’t deserve it. A “Christ-like” spirit was lived out in her life on a daily basis. She was born and raised in a small house on the eastern side of Atlanta, Georgia. From my earliest memories, my Mom was always making Christmas special for all of us. From her cooking cornbread and pecan pies, to the smile on her face, no matter what happened or what the rest of us did (good or frequently bad), Mom showed unconditional love. Like the mortar in a brick wall she was the glue that held the family together. She never wanted the focus to be on her. She was always behind the scenes working so very hard to make everyone else enjoy themselves.
 As I sat at my desk writing this story, the joy and love that this beautiful lady had given me was what I wanted to pass on to my children and the generations of children to come. Every holiday season, when I sit in front of the Christmas tree in the quiet of the night, I am thankful for the many blessings that have been given by those who sacrificed so much for me. This one is for you, Mom, or actually, because of you.
Love, Charles